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Travel Plans - Autumn 2016

They say that you should spend your money on experiences not things, so lately I've been trying to emulate that a bit, by travelling a bit more and booking more shows and things to see and do. Having enjoyed being a big kid at Legoland Windsor the other week, I am planning a hop skip and a jump across the pond (the English Channel, not the Atlantic!) to Paris. The French capital is the most popular city in Europe to visit, and I'm going to be joining the crowds this autumn. Paris may be the city of love, but rather unromantically I have planned the trip so that I can take in the BNP Paribas Masters which is part of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals Tour). The last contest and therefore last chance to get in to the Grand Finale, it looks set to be a great event.

And for my trips after that? I'm thinking a little closer to home; perhaps Edinburgh, maybe London. Who knows?! I'm open to suggestion, and I do love a last minute bargain so watch this space...

Moving Home - 27/11/15

Recently I’ve moved home. It’s been an experience I thought would be daunting and frustrating but turned out to be quite the opposite thanks to the people at Ablemove Wottons. My search for a new place wasn’t that hard, as all I really needed was a larger room in the downstairs that I could turn in to a better office space for myself to work in.

Working at home can prove to be full of distractions and luckily I found a home that has a suitable office space at the front rather than rear. This has proved invaluable, as previously having a little office next to the kitchen meant I was making dozens of excuses every day for a short break to boil the kettle, eat more biscuits, do the dishes and take a fascination in maintaining the garden at the first spot of a sunny day.


The new room is fantastic and I’m hoping to have everything in order very soon. This hasn’t stopped my workflow of course. If you’re interested in working an independent graphic designer who can create custom logos that are truly stated to your company needs then please do get in touch.


I can’t thank Ablemove Wottons enough for their help. Please visit Ablemove Wottons for removals Bristol, if you’re looking to move in the area as well as their advice and help has been invaluable.