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I’ve always believed that the easiest way to show a judge of character is to let others tell you what they think. I’ve asked some local businesses I’ve worked with what they thought of my work and they were kind enough to say some of these great comments about my services.

‘It’s bright, inviting and fun. It’s what the sign for every diner should look like.’
-East Coast Diner

‘Just look at how fun the logo is. Rob made it functional and light hearted, which is what we bring across with the dining experience’
-The Table

‘We needed an authentic look to signage I the store and Rob was able to easily recreate that old style butcher look we were after’
-J.R. Creasey

‘A clean cut graphic is something you usually wouldn’t get with a bakers, but we trusted Rob and he helped make this unique design that we’re very proud of’
-The Bakehouse

‘Eschewing the usual look of out type of restaurant, Rob helped make a logo that stood out and made the restaurant appear much more sophisticated that appeals to the kind of fine dining we’re about.’
-Jake Shapla